samedi 23 février 2013

Court-métrage 01

Hey everyone, i know it has been a long time !! 6 months or so... :/ whatever. what has been on my mind a lot these months was a short movie i'm working on with Lina P.  For now it is called Idole, and is the story of a young girl receiving mysterious packages... I just wanted to say how happy i am to have been part of this whole thing. Working on a movie from A to Z is really so interesting, hard and passionating. I learned so much and am still learning so much now, by working on other movies on different positions etc. We are in the process of editing Idole right now, but as soon as we are done i'll post it here :) Here are a few pictures/screencaps of the movie, shooting...

Lou's room
Lina, Vivien (director of photography) and I
the cast

Our guest-star George/Carlos
and here is the teaser 

→ thanks to everyone !

dimanche 15 juillet 2012

Tomato Dentifrice

So Camille and i made the big step. We made a youtube channel together. yup. it is supposed to be for next year as we won't live in the same country anymore :(( but also for when we are together, why not ? So here are out first videos. a tomato to a dentifrice (toothpaste) and yep that is it. Oh soon a new one coming up ;)

anyone knows how to make the videos bigger here ? 

mercredi 4 juillet 2012

non-interesting interest

hei. so here are a few outfits i put together through the year. this is the first article like this, i am not sure i will do more. as i take a picture a month, i guess the next one isn't going to be very soon ;) oh and i am sorry for the bad quality of the ones at the end that wasn't the usual camera (even if the usual isn't so good either)...
top/topshop - skirt/american apparel - bag/vintage - shoes/andrea tokio
top/american vintage - jumpsuit/h&m - bag/charity shop - shoes/minelli + super accessory The Toothbrush
star wars t-shirt/h&m - skirt/american apparel - shoes/a.p.c. - sunglasses/vintage
jean shirt/gap - skirt/sandro - shoes/andré - necklace/bershka(sadly)
sweatshirt/?(forgotten) - jeans/topshop - scarf/? - shoes/topshop - ring/market 
top/vintage - jumpsuit/h&m -  shoes/triver flight
dress/urbanoutfitters (the back is blue) - necklace/bershka(shame again)
top/vintage - belt/vintage - jeans/sandro 
top/topshop - skirt/american vintage
velvet top/zara - jumpsuit/h&m
→ check out MY TUMBLR, i sometimes put new outfits that i like there. cheers !

vendredi 8 juin 2012

red carpet

Here are some new pictures i took in Switzerland. There are a little more on my flickr if you are interested. I hope you will enjoy them :)

→ and a lot more to come ...

mardi 17 avril 2012

Modern Hearts

I saw on missmoss earlier today an article with photography by moderhearts, so i clicked to the link to her website and was stunned by the pictures she took of a wedding. It is the wedding of Peter-Allan & Nicolene and here are some pictures i found extremely beautiful. I am not really a fan of the idea of marriage, but this made my head go on a little cloud...

i think this one is one of my favourite

i really like the expressions she catches on this picture the one before and the next one too

You can read missmoss's article HERE and Modernhearts' other pictures of this wedding HERE

mardi 3 avril 2012

Romain's photography

hello, the mister boyfriend put new pictures on his flickr. i put some new ones on mine as well, but i found his were much better and i am jealous of his marvelous camera, so here are some things he took at my place in switzerland...

at camille's for halloween. sad we don't see the fake black eye :)
+ this little scan of his agenda because i like his drawings. mister cat.

→ go check his other things it is very pretty what he does. yep. HERE