samedi 23 février 2013

Court-métrage 01

Hey everyone, i know it has been a long time !! 6 months or so... :/ whatever. what has been on my mind a lot these months was a short movie i'm working on with Lina P.  For now it is called Idole, and is the story of a young girl receiving mysterious packages... I just wanted to say how happy i am to have been part of this whole thing. Working on a movie from A to Z is really so interesting, hard and passionating. I learned so much and am still learning so much now, by working on other movies on different positions etc. We are in the process of editing Idole right now, but as soon as we are done i'll post it here :) Here are a few pictures/screencaps of the movie, shooting...

Lou's room
Lina, Vivien (director of photography) and I
the cast

Our guest-star George/Carlos
and here is the teaser 

→ thanks to everyone !

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