mercredi 4 juillet 2012

non-interesting interest

hei. so here are a few outfits i put together through the year. this is the first article like this, i am not sure i will do more. as i take a picture a month, i guess the next one isn't going to be very soon ;) oh and i am sorry for the bad quality of the ones at the end that wasn't the usual camera (even if the usual isn't so good either)...
top/topshop - skirt/american apparel - bag/vintage - shoes/andrea tokio
top/american vintage - jumpsuit/h&m - bag/charity shop - shoes/minelli + super accessory The Toothbrush
star wars t-shirt/h&m - skirt/american apparel - shoes/a.p.c. - sunglasses/vintage
jean shirt/gap - skirt/sandro - shoes/andré - necklace/bershka(sadly)
sweatshirt/?(forgotten) - jeans/topshop - scarf/? - shoes/topshop - ring/market 
top/vintage - jumpsuit/h&m -  shoes/triver flight
dress/urbanoutfitters (the back is blue) - necklace/bershka(shame again)
top/vintage - belt/vintage - jeans/sandro 
top/topshop - skirt/american vintage
velvet top/zara - jumpsuit/h&m
→ check out MY TUMBLR, i sometimes put new outfits that i like there. cheers !

5 commentaires:

Winnie a dit…

I love these outfits! Especially the UO blue/black dress - it's such a lovely fit on you! Also rather taken with that pink skirt with the star wars tee- you look fab!

haha also glad you liked the Instagram post! I know those posts are everywhere now but if you like food then hopefully you won't mind my posts. I eat far too much and my phone documents virtually everything. I'm such a loser :P

Alex a dit…

hhehe definitely loving the jumpsuit/overalls! it reminds me of my youth except with a nice kick to it! hahaa and the toothbrush is a great accessory! how clever ^o^

alex @

Kate a dit…

That floral collar is beautiful, so lovely!

Sasssquatch a dit…

have cute outfits!!! the coller on the first one makes me so happy!!

Stine Danielle a dit…

Ah, I definitely enjoy the variety here! I especially enjoy your top from American Apparel in the first shot. The collar is adorable x