mardi 17 avril 2012

Modern Hearts

I saw on missmoss earlier today an article with photography by moderhearts, so i clicked to the link to her website and was stunned by the pictures she took of a wedding. It is the wedding of Peter-Allan & Nicolene and here are some pictures i found extremely beautiful. I am not really a fan of the idea of marriage, but this made my head go on a little cloud...

i think this one is one of my favourite

i really like the expressions she catches on this picture the one before and the next one too

You can read missmoss's article HERE and Modernhearts' other pictures of this wedding HERE

3 commentaires:

Poulette a dit…

TROP WAW ! je viens de regarder ça hier et j'aaaaaaime trop aussi ! et celle avec le chien m'a aussi trop pluuuue ! :D :D :D same brain powaaaaa <3

Valentine a dit…

AICHA! au plaisir mon amie.
Contente de savoir que my self absorbed little person s'affichant publiquement sur internet te plaise. Les photos que fait ton copain sont sublimes. Tu restes sur genève l'année prochaine?

vintage process a dit…

Great pictures! I love it!!!!